Sassoon also lets you view the hierarchy in different ways. Here, each rule-set is styled according to its properties to make it easier to find something.

Clicking on a rule-set allows you to view and edit its properties. Similar to rule-sets, each property is an object. Semicolons are handled by the app, so you can focus on styling.

So that the object-centric model of Sassoon does not impede keyboard efficiency, the app is designed with keyboard shortcuts in mind. ⌘N adds a new property to the selected rule-set. This brings up a text-box front-and-center to enter the property name. And of course, autocomplete suggestions are provided, tailored to your most commonly used properties.

If a property’s possible values corresponds to any variables you’ve defined, those show up as suggestions. ⌘⇧N adds a new selector immediately after whatever rule-set you have selected.

Sassoon makes it easy to find and replace. Find something within your current file, or search the entire project. Searches can be saved for reuse.